United Nations


-Under Resolution 377 A (V) achievable within  24 hours

Solution to change the rules to save climate, nature, and humanity:
A so called "Emergency-Special-Session" by the United Nations in which following resolution is being convened:

  1. The absolute protection of the Amazon rainforest

  2. The prohibition of the adoption of the draft Law 191/20

  3. The prohibition of all fossil subsidies

  4. The criminalization of failure to comply with, or massive violation of, the Paris Agreement as a crime against humanity and/or genocide

  5. The activation of the International Criminal Court to take immediate action and bring charges against the perpetrators of the crimes in order to protect humanity in a real and highly effective way

Further solutions which could be included are

  • Trade based on the further destruction of the Amazon will be sanctioned by the UN or be boycotted.

  • ​Active UN payment for Brazil for the protection of the Amazon rainforest (win-win-situation).


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